Ride With Us At Majestic Trails!

Join us on Saturday May 17, 2014 as we host our first ATV Ride Club event at Majestic Trails.

Located in the Majestic Allegheny Mountain region, Majestic Trails has an extensive ATV trail system on over 940 acres of land. With groomed trails of two-loops totaling over 41 miles of one-way traffic, Majestic Trails gives riders of all ages and skill levels a great riding experience.

We will be meeting in the Majestic Trails parking lot at 9:30 AM. Food and beverages are available at the site or feel free to bring your own.

Sign up for this ride either in our showroom or online at http://www.appolson.com/p/ATV-Majestic-Ride

Hope to see you there!
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