In last week’s blog entry, we spoke about the proper clothing for going out in both cold and hot weather. This week, we’re going to talk about safety equipment.

If you’re on an ATV like the Polaris Sportsman, there’s no seatbelts, roll cage, doors, or safety nets. If you flip this machine over, you’re going to be on the ground. To keep safe, you should wear a DOT-approved helmet. When purchasing a helmet, utilize the knowledge of a salesperson on checking if the fit is right for you. There is a multi-step process they can help you go through. If you purchase or wear an open-faced helmet, make sure you also wear goggles to keep your eyes safe from dirt, debris, and low-hanging sticks.

Wearing appropriate sport gloves and boots will save you from brush burn, as well as keeping any little bugs from attaching themselves to your skin. For younger riders, things like chest protectors can help protect their young bones from injury.

Finally, try not to ride alone. You’re safer and it’s more fun to ride with company. Either way, keep a fully-charged cell phone on you or with your group at all times. If you’re going to be riding through mud or water, keep it in a water-tight bag.


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