Snowmobile season is here, but that doesn’t always mean the trails are open. Make sure before you go riding to always check with your local snowmobile club on the conditions of the trails before you ride them!

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Even though there’s snow on the ground the conditions on the trails may not always be suitable for riding, and that can lead to a messy situation. Here’s a list of common abbreviations you’ll encounter when researching snowmobile trail conditions and what they mean:

CL-S  This clubs trails are Closed for the season – Riding this clubs trails on anything is considered trespassing!

O/S – Trails for this club are Closed – Trails will open soon for the season!

B/P – Trails are Closed and Being Prepared for your winter riding experience.

W/S – Trails are Closed but ready to ride, the club is Waiting for Snow or trails may have been open and are now waiting for conditions to improve so trails can reopen.

Limited – Trails are OPEN for this club but conditions are Less than favorable. Riders can expect mud, rocks, stumps, corn stalks and water on the trail at any point. Many trails may have deep ruts in farm fields and open areas. Trails are probably not groomed and some sections of trail may be Closed. Trail base will be very thin. Use Caution if you are going to ride the trails.

OPEN – Trails for this club are OPEN Grooming has begun or will begin soon. Your riding experience should be favorable!


This past Saturday, October 4 we invited our close friends, customers, and members of our ATV Ride Club to an exclusive private ride through KB Moto’s 40+ mile, 700 acre trail system! This awesome ride gave riders of all ages and skill levels a chance to experience different types of terrain and challenges (and mud!) for a fun-filled day of riding close to home. Watch one of the videos our very own Nicholas took while driving our demo 2015 Polaris Sportsman Ace 570 below, and check out the rest of the videos on our YouTube page here!