ATV Safety: Part III

We are wrapping up our ATV riding tips this week with some great general tips for all riders to keep in mind. Check out our other blog posts in the series by clicking here and here.

There is a great safety course that you can take for ATV riding. It’s only a half day class, but it’s great for new riders (or even experienced ones) to get the general lay of the land. If you are under 16 years old, you must be supervised by an adult. The adults in charge should make sure the little ones are on an appropriately sized ATV. You can ensure this by reading the manufacturer’s minimum age warning label on the machine, and then from there use your best judgment on the actual size, strength, and maturity before letting them ride.

Make sure to ride only on trails or on property you’re approved to ride on. Never ride on public roads because the cars and trucks might not see you. There are approved trails within driving distance of Western New York. If you are riding in fields, make sure you’ve received approval from the owner.

Always check out the condition of your machine before heading out for a ride. Check the air pressure of your tires and make sure there is no damage to the tire or wheel to ensure you won’t be stranded on your ride. Test your hand controls to see if they are in good working order. If you will be riding in low light, be sure to check the lights on your ATV before heading out. Keeping on a proper maintenance schedule can alleviate many common issues, such as low oil, improper chain lubrication, loose nuts and bolts, or dead spark plugs. If you’re going for a long ride, fill your gas tank up before heading out so you’re not ending your fun early as the needle points closer to E.

ATVs require a sort of rider action, such as leaning your weight forward and toward the inside of turns. If you are a passenger on a two-up vehicle, your weight shift should always mirror the driver’s weight shift. For other driving tips, check your owner’s manual. The book is designed specifically for your machine and can tell you how to park, brake, shift, and more. IT will also give you the proper maintenance schedule.


Guy Fieri is more than just a Food Network television star. He is a professional and well respected Chef, Restauranteur, Family Man, Loyal Friend and a HUGE off-road fanatic with a passion for Polaris RZRs! So naturally Guy and Polaris teamed up to do one of the coolest surprises anyone could do: giving away 11 over the top, custom Polaris RZRs as a surprise to his closest friends.

UTVUnderground’s cameras were there as Guy and Polaris hooked the “Knuckle Sandwich” crew up with these sick machines at the 2014 Dunefest event, then spent the week shredding the dunes of Winchester Bay in a way they’ve never done before. Riding, fun, and of course eating were all on the weeks agenda, and they did a lot of it!

Take the ride and see how Dunefest and the ultimate friend hookup went down!

While this year’s Most Mileage Contest is in full swing, last year’s winner Chris stopped by our showroom recently to check out the latest Waverunners and redeem his prize for being crowned 2013’s Most Mileage Contest winner. Chris had bought his 2013 Yamaha FX HO in August of last year and in one short month put over 51 hours on his new ride, earning him the winning title and the $150 prize. This year he plans on bringing his brand new 2014 Yamaha Waverunner down to Key West to enjoy a change of scenery and possibly earn some more bragging rights.

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If you think you can out-ride Chris this year submit before and after photos of your odometer at the start and end of your riding season by September 1 to our Facebook, Twitter @Appolsons, or via email to Whoever puts the most miles or hours on their vehicle will win a $150 gift certificate that can be used on any product or service in our store! Read up on full details on the 2014 Most Mileage Contest here.