Boating Etiquette 101

This week we’re introducing a new installment on our blog: Watercraft Etiquette 101! These are quick tips, stories, and courtesies that novice riders, and maybe even those with more experience, should know so that everyone can get out and enjoy their watercrafts together on the open sea.

Last weekend on our first Jetski Demo Ride of the season a customer of ours, first-time jetskiier Katy, did something that most  jetskiiers have probably done once or twice before. She had just finished riding and decided to park her jetskis at a dock while her and her family went to get some ice cream. As a first-timer she was unaware that parking jetskis is not the same as parking a regular boat. We kindly explained to her that if she had left her jetskis parked at the boat dock, boaters anxious to get out on the water wouldn’t have been able to launch and then gave her an anchor and showed her how to properly park her jetskis in the water.

The moral of this week’s Watercraft 101 is make sure you’re aware of the rules for launching and parking jetskis! It’s easy to forget that jetskis do not follow the same docking rules as boats, and when you want to get ice cream you have to park your jetski in the right place.

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Fun in the sun!

Check out these photos submitted by one of our younger customers of him and his cousins taking on their new Yamaha WaveRunners. Great to see kids out there enjoying the warm weather with a weekend on the waves!

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Our hats are off to them (literally) as they set out to go ride

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Never underestimate the importance of balance and control when your brother leaves you on the water managing two boats at once!

Join Us for a Ride Around Buffalo’s Waterfront and Beyond

Join us for a group ride starting at Gallagher Beach on Saturday, July 13th at 11am. We’ll take you on the Buffalo waterfront to Niagara River and around Grand Island, stopping for lunch along the way. We’ll be back at the launch at 3pm after a full day of sun and waves.

Meet at Gallagher Beach ready to be launched by 11am. Be sure to bring your license, registration, and all safety equipment. The ride will guided by experienced Appolson’s riders. Sign up at, in our showroom or by calling 649-1090.

See you there!

Come Demo Ride the Newest WaveRunners!

Join us at Gallagher Beach on June 29th at 12pm to take the newest WaveRunner models for a demo ride. We’ll have the best of the Yamaha line in the water and ready to ride with all the best technology in all different models and styles.

Call 649-1090 to reserve your spot (ask for Jerry) or register online at, Appolson's performance center, pwc, test drive, demo, best deal, buffalo, hamburg, ny, new york, watercraft, yamaha, waverunner