While this year’s Most Mileage Contest is in full swing, last year’s winner Chris stopped by our showroom recently to check out the latest Waverunners and redeem his prize for being crowned 2013’s Most Mileage Contest winner. Chris had bought his 2013 Yamaha FX HO in August of last year and in one short month put over 51 hours on his new ride, earning him the winning title and the $150 prize. This year he plans on bringing his brand new 2014 Yamaha Waverunner down to Key West to enjoy a change of scenery and possibly earn some more bragging rights.

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If you think you can out-ride Chris this year submit before and after photos of your odometer at the start and end of your riding season by September 1 to our Facebook, Twitter @Appolsons, or via email to office@appolson.com. Whoever puts the most miles or hours on their vehicle will win a $150 gift certificate that can be used on any product or service in our store! Read up on full details on the 2014 Most Mileage Contest here.