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Stay safe out there

This photo was sent in by one of our customers–a Sheriff check of their jetski on Memorial Day. Luckily, they were all set. License, Fire Extinguisher, safety lanyard, whistle, flag, flotation device… Don’t get caught unexpectedly. Be sure to set yourself up for safe and approved fun on the waterways.


ATV Service Tip #2

This weeks service tip brings up oil changes. For Polaris ATV’s it is recommended that the oil be changed every 50 hours. The oil change procedure is a straight forward and rather simple process.

For single cylinder ATV’s with an oil reservoir, you simply drain the oil reservoir, remove the old filter and drain the crankcase. To drain the crankcase you need a 6mm Allen wrench. Just with any oil change remember to change your copper crush washers.

For twin cylinder ATV’s simply drain the crankcase and remove the old filter. That is it, very simple.

Always fill the oil filter with oil on reassembly to ensure proper oil upon start up.

All Polaris ATV’s minus 550,570,850 and 900 models will all used just under 2 quarts of oil.

ATV Service Tip #1

As the hot summer months are upon us its time to start thinking about our ATV’s cooling system. As units come into the shop with cooling issues the first thing to check is the radiator. The radiator acts as the units heat exchanger and needs to be clean and clear to operate properly.

Tip: If you are overheating your ATV regularly, remove the front grill guard and pressure wash the radiator fins to remove all dirt and debris, chances are this was the culprit of your problem. Also do a strength test of your coolant itself.

May’s Self Service Saturday

This month’s Self Service Saturday focused on the summerization aspect of water-crafts. This month’s attendance brought about many questions after the session concluded, which are always welcome. The session included the summerization process of both 2 stroke and 4 stroke machines.

Keep your schedule open for June  1 at 10 am and meet us down at Hamburg beach to learn how to properly launch, dock and retrieve your watercraft!